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Here’s your personalized report

Here’s your personalized report. It features both the positive things you’re already doing and the strategies you can adopt to keep your morale and energy up. For each of the strategies, Catherine Boulos, psychologist and professional coach, will guide you to a selection of expert advice adapted to your needs.

How is your morale these days?

I’m struggling

I’m having a tough time

Not bad, but things could be better

I’m doing well

I'm doing great!

Things you already do to keep up your morale

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Strategies to boost your morale

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I compliment or thank someone every day
I smile and make at least one person smile every day (even when wearing a mask)
I choose to surround myself primarily with people who make me feel good
I talk to at least one person a day about things unrelated to work
I help others
I use deep breathing to calm myself
Every day I take at least one “anti-stress break,” during which I do something that relaxes me or makes me feel good
I’m able to stay in the present (rather than dwell on the past or look ahead to the future)
I stay informed while limiting my exposure to media that features negative news stories
I go outdoors and connect with nature
I take a moment every day to monitor my morale and energy level
My actions and decisions are consistent with my values
I let myself experience unpleasant or difficult emotions (anger, sadness, fear, discouragement) without minimizing them or making negative self-judgements
When I experience a difficult emotion, I explore what lays behind it
I talk about my emotions and challenges
I know how to apply stress-reduction techniques
I’m not shy about asking for support (from someone close to me or a professional) when my morale is low or I’m facing challenges
I’m able to focus on the positive impacts of difficult situations
Every day, I can name one positive thing that happened to me
I make sure to laugh every day
Every day I take the time to list three things I appreciate in my life
Every day I take the time to celebrate my achievements

Cette semaine je me fais du bien ! Et je savoure les bienfaits

Drag here the gesture you want to make.

Toi aussi tu veux passer à l'action?

How is your energy level these days?

I'm out of juice

I’m often tired

I’m managing but can’t keep this up

I have good energy

I’m bursting with energy!

Things you already do to keep up your energy

catherine-boulos  Click on the green and blue squares to get resources that can help you!

Strategies to boost your energy

catherine-boulos  Click on the green and blue squares to get resources that can help you!

I have realistic goals about what I want to accomplish during the day, and I meet them
I limit my screen time to enjoy a greater variety of leisure activities
I organize my day so that I have the time and energy to do the things that recharge me (hobbies, friends, family, “me time,” etc.)
I have a set routine that includes tasks, leisure time and socializing
I avoid screens in the hour before going to bed
I have fairly consistent sleep habits (bedtime, nighttime routine)
I fall asleep quite easily
I don’t wake up more than once during the night and I fall back asleep easily
I wake up in the morning feeling rested
I have a good sleep environment (calm, dark, well-ventilated)
When I’m doing a seated activity, I make sure to stand up at least once an hour (mini-break)
I go outside at least once a day, regardless of the weather
I move every day (walking, dancing, stretching)
I do at least 2.5 hours of moderate or intense exercise per week (brisk walking, running, cycling, snowshoeing)
I use active transportation (walking, cycling, taking the stairs) when possible
I have fairly consistent eating habits (e.g., three meals a day)
I have a healthy and balanced diet
I spend at least 20 minutes eating each meal
I eat without a screen
Most of what I eat is home-cooked

In conclusion

Among the suggested strategies, choose one of them to adopt today and note any benefits.

Choose three additional strategies to add to your repertoire and use whenever the need arises.

Need motivation to take action? Here are some pro tips.

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